Friday, 1 April 2011

Saga of IIITA-Director

Is any such thing happening for the first time in IIIT-Allahabad?
A big NOOO!

1) 2011: Director got his age reduced, to get another term as Director-IIITA
He got his date of birth changed from 16 August 1944 to 1948 to be able get 4 more years of job and other benefits in the UGC.
At the time of writing, this extension of term as director has happened for 4th time and actually he should have been retired 6-7 years before (after his first term)

Published News:

2) 2010: A Professor was forcibly relieved from IIIT-Allahabad
   Dr. U. S. Tiwary was relieved to his parent University without any prior notice and thereby disrupting my career and harassing me by the director of the Institute.
The only reason Dr. TIwari could figure out (as he was not given any rationale behind it) is his contraposition to  dictator‐like rule and many irregularities at the Institute. Case was filed, but high political influence of Director simply suppressed it off.

3) 2009: Death ofa MBA student
He was not given a van to take him to hospital urgently after an asthematic attack in the hostel at IIIT-Allahabad, inspite of the fact that they have two vehicles always in the campus at admin's dispense. But unfortunately, these vehicles are used for private purpose and causes of Director and Vaish family.

4) 2008: 11 crore INR were shown as hostel expenses for 1 year 
This amount was given for a facility which is 20 kms away from city center, and does not even have basic facilities for students.. not even a canteen.

5) 2006: Students were maltreated for opposing against bad food
Couple of students tried to protest against the bad food students were forced to eat, and they were called separately and was given director-style treatment. 
News was published in Times of India, but later students were threatened for year-backs and even expelling.. and students gave up by signing a dossier saying students have no abjection of anykind on food or for admin.

As has been raised many times before, condition of mess is worst. And tender goes to Vaish family with different names somtimes. And First year boys hostel is also with the same family, who has one of his member as so-called facutly at IIIT-A.

This is not it, rather just a glance of all the corruption happening here in the campus of IIIT-Allahabad, a 'premier' institute.